ray, ray, ray...

Christmas 2006

Charlie is so cute!

Pictures in and around the new SJI house

Thanksgiving 2006

The first secret food potluck

Flint posing with a dishtowel

Paisley, Peter, Morgan and Cora's last weekend in Chicago

Commodore's Cup 2006 champions!

Yes, my team won Hoofers' annual week-long debauchery contest.


4th of July 2006

Easter 2006 in Chicago

Black and white party for Rosanne's birthday

Morgan's first art photography session

Pretty good pictures for a 4 year old! I could see some of these in a gallery.

Flint meets fennel

Free idea: snowboard wings

I'm not completely kidding. I wouldn't ride it myself, but I'm sure some people would, and I'd love to see it. :)

Vermont is so beautiful

March Vermont visit

Free idea: social recommender systems should use statistical interactions

Systems like Amazon or Pandora that recommend songs/movies/books/etc could make much more interesting recommendations if they used statistical interactions.

Morgan's 4th birthday party

Free idea: fork-scraper

This one is a bit silly but would really make me happy.

Free idea: native HSB cameras and monitors

RGB has become so natural to us that we see its limitations as if they were real physical constraints on photography.

Random leftover timelapses from 2005


Cooking timelapses

Timelapses of plants

Chicago downtown timelapses (updated)

Sunsets and cool clouds (updated)

Charlotte Pingree a.k.a. lightbulb's 0'th birthday

A flight and a walk

January Vermont visit

Christmas 2005

New snow

Thanksgiving 2005

Halloween 2005

Too many pictures of Cora

Fall colors and sourdough

Extra random pictures from fall

SuzHawks 35th anniversary party

Complete with a wedding ceremony and a wedding traditions obstacle course.

SuzHawk's 35th anniversary party preparation

San Juan!

Suzy's and Sheila's birthdays, and a surprise...

Early summer timelapses

Morgan sings

Easter 2005

End of winter timelapse fever

New snowboards

Morgan is 3

Liam's birthday and snow fun

Gone away is the bluebird and etc.

A few random pretty pictures from 2004

Christmas 2004

Henry just started crawling!

Approximately thanksgiving 2004

Big fat snowflakes at night

Looking up at snowflakes is great

My favorite tree

This birch tree outside my living room windows makes winter so much easier.

Morgan demands recount!

Don't break the left, fix the media

My response to the 2004 election: what went wrong, why we should blame the mainstream media, and what we should do about it.

Moon pictures

My camera meets a telescope

Tipsy tuesday

The meeting of the babies

Morgan meets Henry

The Swans return from Hogwallow

Party in the backyard. We missed them!

Flint is the best cat ever

Cora's birth

My favorite niece (so far)

Timelapses from my porch in summer 2004

Yosemite 2004

Backpacking Yosemite high country.

Stopping by Morgan's house for lunch

Italy 2004 - Timelapses

Italy 2004 - Leaving

Italy 2004 - Giacomo and Lodovica's wedding

Italy 2004 - Urbino

Italy 2004 - Venice

Italy 2004 - Rome

Italy 2004 - Viterbo

Italy 2004 - Capalbio

Italy 2004 - A sunrise walk in Tuscany

Italy 2004 - Pontesievve

My first week in Tuscany

Visiting Chicago and Milwaukee for Suzy's birthday 2004

Videos of Morgan from May 2004

Videos of Morgan from April 2004

Chasing storms

Pictures of the back of a tornado cloud

Aerial photos from SF to MPLS

A series of pictures I took out an airplane window.

Timelapses of candles

Easter 2004 - Matt's triumph

Matt finally becomes the polar bunny, in the last Easter at Middleton Beach road.

Easter eve 2004

Babysitting henry

Early spring pictures 2004

Morgan for president 2004

A website I made as a tribute to my nephew Morgan.

Videos of Morgan from March 2004

Morgan and company, in town because of Henry

Henry comes home from the hospital

On the seventh day, Henry came home.

Henry's birth

Dinner at the Swans in winter 2004

LSC winter picnic

Ellen made some great homemade pizza meal at Meg's house for some of the LSC crowd.

Fireworks at Kites on Ice 2004

Morgan talking in February 2004 (at Henry's baby shower)

Morgan talking in January 2004


My masters thesis project. It's an online decision making system designed to allow large groups to put their heads together democratically and efficiently.


GooGrid is an online ecosystem game that I wrote just for fun. Players design their own species and release them onto the internet to compete and reproduce on other people's screens, living out their own lives even when their creator is logged off.