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Free idea: snowboard wings

I'm not completely kidding. I wouldn't ride it myself, but I'm sure some people would, and I'd love to see it. :)

Free idea: social recommender systems should use statistical interactions

Systems like Amazon or Pandora that recommend songs/movies/books/etc could make much more interesting recommendations if they used statistical interactions.

Free idea: fork-scraper

This one is a bit silly but would really make me happy.

Free idea: native HSB cameras and monitors

RGB has become so natural to us that we see its limitations as if they were real physical constraints on photography.

Morgan demands recount!

Don't break the left, fix the media

My response to the 2004 election: what went wrong, why we should blame the mainstream media, and what we should do about it.

Morgan for president 2004

A website I made as a tribute to my nephew Morgan.


My masters thesis project. It's an online decision making system designed to allow large groups to put their heads together democratically and efficiently.


GooGrid is an online ecosystem game that I wrote just for fun. Players design their own species and release them onto the internet to compete and reproduce on other people's screens, living out their own lives even when their creator is logged off.