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Category: Timelapses

Adjustable time adds a whole new dimension to photography. After doing over 100 of these in the past year I have to say I'm addicted. Want me to do one for you? Email me! I'm available for commissions, especially if they involve free travel to somewhere interesting or free lodging somewhere I'm already going. :) All videos here are 640x480 and very crisp because they are based on still images. I have originals of these at even higher resolutions (usually 1024x768, but I can do up to 2272x1704).

Random leftover timelapses from 2005


Cooking timelapses

Timelapses of plants

Chicago downtown timelapses (updated)

Sunsets and cool clouds (updated)

Early summer timelapses

End of winter timelapse fever

Timelapses from my porch in summer 2004

Italy 2004 - Timelapses

Timelapses of candles