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Exploring France

Morgan checking out the other big castle that was at war with this one, just across the river

The kitchen floor

It's like they grew the whole place right out of the rock

The other castle. Note the damage on the top, due of course to a dragon attack

Cora looking for where the dragon died in the river

More dragon spotting

Paisley looking back at the first castle

A town on the the Dordogne river

The streets keep switching back like this. The town goes halfway up a cliff

A corner in Sarlat

The Sarlat farmer's market

Suzy and Kit at the restaurant we ate for Sunday dinner

We ate on the porch behind them. This was where I finally understood why foie gras is worth it

Princess Cora and her castle

Our house

We took a tour of some of the oldest known prehistoric cave paintings. The cave itself stole the show though.

They made me put away my camera even though I wasn't using a flash

Morgan really digs these cars.

The cutest town in the world is Saint-Cirque Lapopie

These birds were having a great time swooping over the cliff edge.

Wouldn't you love to have this as your back porch?

The postcard view of the town. I need to go back and timelapse it.

What is that above the road?

The two people painting this scene tipped me off to look as we drove past. "STOP THE CAR!"

The restaurant we ate at our last night in Sarlat

Oh god, the profiteroles. They appear when you think you're absolutely stuffed, and you can't resist them.

The car was a little crowded on the way to Toulouse. We stayed there for our last night before flying out

A gay pride march went through the downtown that day