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Family pictures from France trip

Kit made Haley melt

Cora learning to swim

Cora spent a long time working on this apple

A close-up of all her cute little bites

Haley voguing by the fireplace for scale - look how big it is!

Cora was proud and maybe a little scared to finally have gone off the bottom step without her water wings

608 KB movie. This basket came to life and started walking!

8824 KB movie. Possibly the cutest video ever. Morgan and Cora start squeeking and then Charlie does too and she grabs a pillow and falls over.

17648 KB movie. Peter trying so patiently to teach Cora how to float on her own

4484 KB movie. More very cute jumping and squeeking and flopping over

3383 KB movie. Cora doing her silly walk on the way to the farmer's market

3692 KB movie. More bed jumping

6809 KB movie. A very brave Cora climbs up the Paisley monster's back

18804 KB movie. Me, Cora, and baby

5359 KB movie. Morgan suddenly decided he knew how to swim without his water wings, and jumped right in the deep end.

10209 KB movie. Despite all the tough competition, Haliam pull off a surprise upset win in the cuteness contest with this performance